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Welcome to Foodie City Game 

COOK token is the first hyper-deflationary token on the Algorand blockchain. Receive COOK tokens via reflections and passive rewards through our iOS and Android game.

No Clawback/ No Freeze



NFT Boosts

Passive Rewards


How to Play

Grab Tokens!

Click on the Tinyman image above or "Buy Now" button to be taken directly to purchase some COOK tokens with Algorand.

Register Wallet!

Click the image above to join our Discord. Once joining the Discord, navigate to the #cooking-time channel and type !register address.


In the same channel, type !cook and enjoy some passive rewards and help us burn COOK tokens! You're officially a chef!

Cook Token Icon.PNG

COOK tokens
ASA ID:833815143

COOK Tokens are the official currency for the Foodie City Game. Our community has an emphasis on dishes and snacks for foodies, and our NFT's are exclusively meals—but we appreciate all forms of creativity! We are constantly thinking of ways to reinvent our own recipe and accept dishes, cultures and people.

Our dream is to have our little kitchen grow into a bustling city for Chefs of all kinds and experience! From frozen foods to a Crème Brûlée.

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